What are Serviced Apartments?

If you are looking for a place to live where it is more like a hotel than an apartment, then take a look at serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are furnished, can be rented for either short or long term occupancy and it comes with several amenities. There are many benefits to renting a serviced apartment instead of staying in a hotel, and they are quite popular for business people who travel frequently and need places to live while on the road.

Types of Serviced Apartments

There are two main types of serviced apartments, including:
Extended Stay Hotel – The extended stay hotel is usually available in large cities and is meant to be an apartment to give someone a home away from home that is in the realm of a hotel environment. These serviced apartments can range from something small like a studio apartment and have the basics like a bathroom, sleeping area, kitchenette and living area, to those with two or more bedrooms that offer a living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Normally the residents of these apartments are allowed to use the hotel’s facilities at no extra charge and may also get other amenities depending on the hotel the serviced apartments is in such as Wi-Fi or other services.
Corporate Housing – Corporate housing is a type of serviced apartments meant for short term rental that come with services like cleaning, TV, Internet, furnishings, and more. They may be in the city central area or at least close by with easy access to the business sectors.
Both kinds of serviced apartments have cooking facilities, Internet, TV, furniture, etc., and some even have luxury items like gourmet kitchens, washer and dryer, generous closets, oversized bathtubs, and higher quality networking abilities. With either the occupant has the privacy of being able to cook, eat, play and do his work right in the apartment and doesn’t have to be cramped up in a small normal hotel room.

How to Rent Serviced Apartments

It’s usually simple to rent a serviced apartment and most of the time it is not much different than making a hotel reservation. Some may require a security deposit and other may offer additional services for an extra fee. There are actual serviced apartment booking agents that can be contacted and who can help their clients to find a suitable serviced apartment for their needs. They can help to negotiate the prices or get extra services depending on the needs of their clients.

These serviced apartments are a cost efficient way for people to travel if they need to stay somewhere for a longer period of time. They are also a good choice for a group of people who are willing to live together and their rates are cheaper than hotel rooms for long term stays.
All in all, if you are someone who needs an apartment for a business trip or other short or long term stay and want the coziness of a regular apartment complete with associated amenities and services, then get into contact with a service apartment agent today.
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